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Blue Midnight Key: C

Blue Midnight Key: C
Price: $35.20
Item Number: 595BX-C_133207
Manufacturer: Hohner
Manufacturer Part No: 595BX-C
The latest addition to Hohners hand tuned diatonic harmonicas manufactured in Trossingen, Germany, the Blue Midnight offers a unique combination of features and construction that lets you master a wide range of tonal possibilities, puts you in control of powerful dynamics, and makes evocative note bending easy all at a value price. Special features include: Custom Chicago style tuning from Hohners vaults specially designed for those who straddle a passion for the postwar electrified Chicago blues of Little Walter Jacobs, and more modern blues players like Paul Butterfield who explored beyond the realms of the masters before them.Trademark blue plastic comb allows for slightly brighter tone than standard black plastic combed models.The Blue Midnight combines a plastic comb for comfort, ease of playing and durability with Blues Harp style stainless steel cover plates. These heralded cover plates boast a thinness over the reed plate that allows you to feel the vibration of the music, closed side vents to sweeten the tone, and wide open reinforced back ends for maximum volume and toughness.