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Shop & Save For Your School

We are proud to launch our newest program "Shop And Save For Your School"

With severe budget cuts on Music education, music educators are finding it increasingly harder to obtain funding for musical equipment in their classrooms. K&S Music has a deep understanding of how music is an essential part of education, and without the correct instruments and tools in the classroom it is very difficult to foster a proper learning environment which engages students and enables them to perform to their highest ability.  Our newest program strives to do just that. 


Shop and save for your school by K&S Music is empowering school music programs by giving up to 3%* credit back on all purchases students make through our shoppers site. By simply entering your schools code at checkout any purchase you make will also earn credit for your school.  We will donate a portion of your total purchase back to your schools account for future purchases on our site.  (If you are in need of your schools code please Email Us) By the end of the year your school will have accrued enough credit to purchase important band instruments and accessories for the music program!


*Participating schools may receive up to 3% credit back towards future purchases on  


Attention School Music Educators & Band Directors.

Registering your school is very easy. Simply click on the “Register Your School” button below.  After completing the registration process you will receive an email from us confirming your registration and providing you with your schools exclusive code to provide to your students for use at checkout. This code will be used to track any purchases made by your students and start your earnings. 

*Students: If your school hasn’t yet registered, please make sure you ask your school Band Director or administrator to register today so that your music program can benefit from this great opportunity.