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Wireless Pouch Adapter Kit

Wireless Pouch Adapter Kit
Price: $7.18
Limited Stock/Out of Stock
Item Number: 5001362
Manufacturer: Neotech
Manufacturer Part No: 5001362_141750
Developed to allow for maximum versatility, the Wireless Pouch Adaptor Kit is ideal for concealing wireless transmitters on performers in theatre or film. The hook-and-loop receptive elastic allows the transmitter to be worn comfortably beneath clothing, while Neotechs Wireless Pouch protects it against moisture and impact. The leather adaptor piece allows the orientation of the transmitter to be configured for maximum ease and efficiency. It also allows the Wireless Pouch to be worn securely on straps or belts of varying widths of 1, 2 or 3 (2,5cm, 6cm, 7,6cm). The Wireless Pouch Adaptor Kit comes with leather adaptor, 2 x 36 (5,1cm x 91,4cm) elastic webbing and touch closure. The Wireless Pouch is sold separately.